About the Author

robin-200px-squareDr Robin Youngson is an anesthesiologist in New Zealand, internationally renowned for his leadership in humane and compassionate healthcare. Starting his campaign in 2004, he challenged a world of healthcare so driven by science and technology that a Google search couldn’t find the word ‘compassion’ in any healthcare curriculum or strategy document. His work was ignored by the medical professions for a decade but now there’s an explosion of interest in the caring aspects of healthcare.

As a highly sought-after speaker, he’s presented widely in Australia and NZ, the USA and Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore, the Middle East, in the UK and Europe. Together with his wife, Meredith, he is co-founder of the international movement, Hearts in Healthcare.

Robin is on the Editorial Board of the new Journal of Compassionate Healthcare, and is a member of the Global Compassion Council of the Charter for Compassion.

In 2016 he was awarded the highest honour of the New Zealand Medical Association, the Chair’s Award, for outstanding contribution to the health of New Zealand.

He’s the author of the renowned book, ‘TIME TO CARE’, which is also published in Dutch and German.

His short films can be found here.